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Piñata JAK Stand is the First, the Original, and the Best!
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JAK Banner  

Our piñata holder, "Piñata JAK Stand" can be customized with you personal banner, allowing for the announcement of your event, company, or any message you would like to get across.

It is easy to assemble and with it's prominent height, your banner is very visible from quite a distance. This way you can get your message across and everyone has fun doing it.

Ready to Build  

Our Piñata JAK Stand comes complete and ready to build right out of our custom design and convenient bright red tote bag.

Instructions are sewn into every bag and because they are illustrated in 3D and the parts are all color coded, they are easier to follow than even an ikea product.

We will also gladly build it for you.

Roof Top  

Our Piñata JAK Stand helps keep you safe from unnecessary falls from roof tops and trees.

This practice might seem like a good alternative, but haven't you heard, "it seemed like a good idea at the time"?. And, "its only fun until somebody gets hurt". That somebody might be you!. Don't take chances and make sure the piñata is the only thing getting broken at your next celebration, or event.

JAK Stand On Concrete  

Our Piñata JAK Stand assembles on any surface, including concrete, asphalt, sand, dirt, hard wood,
and grass.

This way no matter where your party is taking place, you can make use of this fantastic product. it is sturdy and well balanced, and comes complete with ground hooks and sandbags with every rental (sand not included).

Take it anywhere and have a great time!

Using Piñata JAK Stand  

Our Piñata JAK Stand is not only easy to use, but is also safe, because as you control the action, you are a safe distance away..

Our product keeps you away from the bat swinging party goers. You have pulleys which control the action, while keeping you out of harms way. This way the only thing taking a beating is the surprise filled piñata and not your body.

A Party Isn't A Party Without Piñata JAK Stand. When You Rent JAK Stand, You Always Have More Fun!

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